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Post Pro is not merely a commercial entity but a socially committed body
PostPro. Studio


Post Pro Studio. is  an independent full-service creative design Studio. Our team are experienced thinkers, 2D and motion designers, web developers and strategists. We create beautiful brands and creative campaigns. we provide the perfect creative solutions to enhance your brands and company/organization profile. We build lasting relationships with honest, face to face communication and generate results with creativity and passion.

Training Course

Media technologies Courses

We have conducted numerous training courses with a variety of institutions: TV channels, universities and other cultural, film and video collectives. They include Asfari Institute, LIU, New TV, Sout El Shaab, Beirut DC, NPA, APCC and many more.

Training Workshop

Media Production Workshops

We have facilitated workshops with local, national and international entities. The workshops focus on hands-on approach to train participants technically and conceptually. Post Pro provides media production training to various institutions; such as, ASSABIL, JCC, KAFA, NPA, NRC, DRC, UNICEF, UPP, Goethe Institute & others


Media Production

We have produced many multimedia products, such as: video installations, short videos, radio pieces, performances and subvertising (social campaigns).

Studio Building

Multimedia Infrastructure

Post Pro collaborated with different youth groups to built four community studios. The participants were thoroughly trained in the principles of creating sound recording studios within their given means. They were also trained on the necessary sound equipment and software.

Web & Mobile Development

Media Production

We have produced Internet development work, such as: web applications, mobile applications and sensory machines.

Graphic design & Printing services

Media Production

We regularly produce graphic artwork, such as: posters, banners, brochures, booklets, stickers and subvertising.

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Post Pro is a space were local artists can create and comment on social and political issues relevant to their communities.