We color our lives with education – Social Experiment

The world looks different through the eyes of children. But how do Ahmad, Mohammad, Celine, Laila, Rama, Ahmad, Reem, Hala and Adam see the place they are living in? What can they tell us about education and their wishes and dreams? In our first film We Color our lives with education we are listening to how they see their home, the Palestinian refugee camp Shatila in Lebanon’s capital Beirut – the place where just.childhood has opened its first kindergarten Bait al-Shams in October 2015. Bait al-Shams aims at meeting the children’s needs: To play, to move, to be creative, to color their lives with education .




September 14, 2015

Branding, color, education, film, justchildhood, Lebanon, Palestinian, storytelling, video, video production